Archbond’s work in the Sports Sector

Ever since its inception, Archbond has been supplying laminated material for the sports sector. With a broad spectrum that’s constantly increasing, the sporting industry has a lot of specifications that vary between sports.

At Archbond, we pride ourselves in customer care and can cater to your specific needs. From our unique foam swimming pool covers to our sporting safety equipment, Archbond has experience that spans over 30 years as one of the leading specialists in industrial lamination that has been used within the sports sector for generations.

Foam swimming pool covers

Our humble beginnings supplying laminated material for the swimming pool market in the 1980s have led us to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality foam swimming pool covers today.

All our thermal covers are made with irradiation cross-linked PE foam that ensures maximum durability and low water absorption. The foam is strengthened with a thick PE top sheet and has a scratch-resistant, transparent film on the reverse side to maximise efficiencies.

Benefits of foam pool covers

Foam swimming pool covers have a variety of benefits. Some of the benefits that a pool cover can offer:

Designed to retain the heat, our foam swimming pool covers are also ideal for keeping your pool clean from unwanted leaves and debris. As leading lamination specialists, Archbond’s foam swimming pool covers are made from the highest quality materials and come with an 8-year guarantee when properly cared for.

We offer bespoke sizes for you to choose from, manufactured to your exact specifications.

For a more comprehensive list, check our out benefits of using swimming pool covers blog.

Equestrian equipment

Our foam can be used as a substitute for traditional leather goods often found in horse ridings, such as girth straps and horse saddles. Thanks to our refined industrial lamination process, our equestrian equipment is of the highest quality with no detriment to the horse or rider.

Using polyethene foam has several advantages for horse riding:

  • Increased comfort
  • Freedom of movement
  • Cheaper alternative

Archbond’s lamination capabilities for equestrian equipment also extend to riding helmet interior lining for added protection.

Sports safety equipment

Many sports require significant levels of protection such as cricket, mountaineering and martial arts. At Archbond, we possess the capacity to supply cushioning material for an array of safety products such as safety harnesses, rucksack straps, head guards and more.

Our range of sports safety equipment is designed to protect athletes of all ages from the risk of injury. Our products are made from high-quality foam that is both lightweight and durable, making them ideal for use during any type of sport or activity that requires additional protection.

Most importantly, Archbond foam sports safety equipment can help prevent serious injuries, including concussions. If you require a specific grade of foam for your product, we are able to source and manufacture a material to meet your specifications.


Carpet laminated to 30mm of PE foam is used extensively in gymnasiums, and care homes, where impact absorption is extremely important to prevent injury.

Our unique high-density foam impact mats have both sides laminated from high-density foam. The foam provides a consistent bounce and performance that makes it an excellent foam dance mat.

Archbond’s expertise and experience in other sporting disciplines have led us to create a bespoke foam impact mat that can be varied from 10mm up to 50mm in thickness, with the final product being supplied either in rolls or cut into square tiles.

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With our work across many disciplines within the sports sector, we have gathered valuable knowledge from each field to apply our experience to each individual area. At Archbond, we offer total end to end solutions through our complete in-house manufacturing service.

If you’re looking for bespoke specifications for any of the industrial lamination processes that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.