Barcelona & Swimming Pools – What’s not to like!

Once again, we are preparing for our biggest trade show – the Piscina and Wellness Exhibition – this year held in Barcelona between the 15th-18th October. As the international focus for the swimming pool and related equipment industry, it is a must for us as it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight all the advantages our Archbond multi-layered PE foam covers offer to pool owners worldwide.

This, combined with the weather in Barcelona in October still averaging a sunny 23ºC, means it’s the perfect match – albeit it would be if we weren’t spending most of the day in a large exhibition centre! Still there are worse places to be and shows like Piscina are important as they help us build awareness of our business and the Archbond brand on a global stage. As our products represent the top end of the heat retention cover category with their exceptional insulation, resistance and durability, it makes them ideal for swimming pools of any size and location around the world. Indeed, to date we reckon that over 1,000,000 m sq. of pools are covered using Archbond technology – that’s a lot of swimming space!!

What is the point of the Show?

The show also continues to be the best event for us to talk to our existing and new customers to let them know more about the important role swimming covers have in general for pool owners. In a world that is becoming increasingly focused on sustainability, the energy saving message that we can tell our customers is one that is more and more important, especially when our covers can reduce the costs involved in heating a pool by up to 85%! This combined with similar reductions in the consumption of chemical products, top-up water and filter maintenance mean our Archbond thermal pool covers deliver significant financial and energy savings for pool owners whatever the climate from Barcelona sun to UK rain!

Therefore, our bags will be packed once again ready for 15th October, full to the brim with our complete range of pool cover colours, foams and top sheets and all ready to be displayed under the Archbond brand at Europe’s leading aquatic exhibition.

So, if you would like to join us and see what’s new, why not come over to the show in Barcelona and visit us in Hall 2, Stand D486? It would be great to see you, however if you can’t make it over, we’ll be letting everyone know how the show is going via our social media feeds on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure you take a look to get the latest updates or perhaps just check back on our next blog where we’ll provide an update on everything from the show.

You can find out more about the Piscina and Wellness Exhibition online at