Benefits of using foam swimming pool covers

One of the biggest waste factors for pool owners is heat loss and its associated costs.

Why use a swimming pool cover?

A pool cover offers protection for your pool, meaning no debris can fall in and dirty the pool. Additionally, a pool cover made from the correct material can provide you with additional savings. It can reduce the running costs of the pool, can potentially reduce pool heating costs, chemical consumption, and filtration times to save electricity.

Difference between foam and bubble covers

A bubble pool cover enables sustainable energy to be transferred to the water via the cover, which therefore increases the pool’s water temperature. This results in reduced heating and running costs.

A foam cover is a heat-retaining pool cover that works as an insulating lid. Foam covers retain the heat that is added to the pool via its heating system.

On average, a foam swimming pool heat retention cover can provide around 85% saving in heating costs, whereas a bubble cover will provide a 50% saving.

pool cover material

Benefits of foam pool covers

  • Eliminates water evaporation
  • Save money on running costs.
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Reduce the pool’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce debris contamination
  • Reduce energy consumption

Foam swimming pool covers have a variety of benefits and function exceptionally well for insulation and reducing energy and running costs. At Archbond, we are specialists in providing lamination services. All our thermal covers are made with an irradiation cross-linked PE foam that ensures maximum durability and low water absorption. The foam is strengthened with a thick PE top sheet and has a scratch-resistant, transparent film on the reverse side to maximise efficiencies.

Our covers are designed to combat heat loss and we pride ourselves on this. Our pool covers can reduce heating costs by up to 85%, as well as reduce overall maintenance costs.

How long will my pool cover last?

A pool cover should last around 8 years if well-maintained – although one cover we know was still on the water after 22 years!

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