Benefits of using foam swimming pool covers

One of the biggest waste factors for pool owners is heat loss and its associated costs. A pool cover can help with this issue as well as provide ample other benefits. But it can make you ponder what type of pool cover to use. Do you go for foam or bubble covers? Well, in this blog, we’re going to tell you the reasons why you should use foam swimming pool covers and the benefits they bring.  

Why use a swimming pool cover? 

Before we discuss foam swimming pool covers, let’s explore why it’s beneficial to use any sort of cover in the first place. A pool cover offers protection for your pool, meaning no debris can fall in and dirty the pool. Additionally, a pool cover made from the correct material can provide you with additional savings.  

It can reduce the running costs of the pool, and can potentially reduce pool heating costs, chemical consumption and filtration times to save electricity.  

It’s not just about saving electricity and money; swimming pool covers help save lives! One of the most critical reasons to use a swimming pool cover is safety, especially if you have young children or pets. Pool covers act as a protective barrier, preventing accidental falls and can support the weight of a person or pet. 

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Difference between foam and bubble covers

A bubble pool cover enables sustainable energy to be transferred to the water via the cover, which therefore increases the pool’s water temperature. This results in reduced heating and running costs. However, bubble pool covers simply don’t offer the same number of benefits compared to foam covers. For one, bubble covers aren’t designed for safety purposes and don’t offer the same level of security as foam covers and other safety covers.

Indeed, bubble covers, while providing protection and acting as a barrier against debris or other contaminants that can enter the water, some may still pass through the open areas between the bubbles.  

A foam cover is a heat-retaining pool cover that works as an insulating lid. Foam covers retain the heat that is added to the pool via its heating system. On average, a foam swimming pool heat retention cover can provide around 85% savings in heating costs, whereas a bubble cover will provide around 50% savings.  

But what other benefits do foam pool covers offer? 

Benefits of foam pool covers

  • Eliminates water evaporation – The surface of your pool is well shielded from water evaporation with foam pool coverings. This is especially helpful in hot, arid environments where significant water loss from evaporation might occur. Foam covers minimise the need for regular refills and water waste.
  • Save money on running costs – Foam pool covers help to dramatically reduce heat loss through the water’s surface, which results in significant cost savings on pool heating. Because foam covers are insulators, the temperature of your pool stays consistent even on chilly evenings or winter months.  
  • Reduce chemical consumption – You can retain constant water chemistry and temperature with foam pool covers. You’ll discover the loss of pool chemicals is reduced because they restrict evaporation. By having a foam pool cover, you can avoid spending additional funds on chemical treatments and guarantee your pool’s water will always be balanced and pleasant for swimming with fewer alterations required.  
  • Reduce the pool’s carbon footprint – The foam pool coverings’ energy efficiency and decreased requirement for chemical treatments help to minimise the carbon footprint of your swimming pool. Your pool becomes more ecologically friendly with less chemical additives and less energy use.  
  • Reduce debris contamination – A strong defence against leaves, grit, insects, and other materials that can build up in your pool is offered by foam pool coverings. When it is time to swim, your pool will be cleaner and more appealing because less time and effort will be required for cleaning and upkeep.  
  • Reduce energy consumption – Beyond just saving money, foam pool covers also lessen total energy usage by preserving water temperature and relieving pressure on your pool’s filtration systems.  

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Well, there you have it, foam swimming pool covers are a superior choice for your aquatic area. Safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly. What’s not to like? At Archbond, we are the masters at crafting and supplying foam pool covers. If you have any questions or require any further information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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