Flame Lamination: Why is it Beneficial?

flame lamination process 4

The lamination process is a viable solution for combining materials in multiple layers to provide improved strength, insulation, stability and appearance. This process can be applied to several different materials, including plastic, paper, foam, glass, metal, wood and more – with numerous different ways to complete the process. One of these ways is known as…

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What is Foam Lamination and its Benefits?

infrared foam lamination

Foam lamination is a fabric surface treatment method commonly used to enhance the structural or performance characteristics of a material. Lamination is used to waterproof materials, adds protective coatings, and is used to form a composite material (a combination of multiple materials).  Foam Lamination in everyday items: Laminated materials are frequently composed of at least…

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Archbond’s work in the Sports Sector

sportswear and equipment (cricket)

Ever since its inception, Archbond has been supplying laminated material for the sports sector. With a broad spectrum that’s constantly increasing, the sporting industry has a lot of specifications that vary between sports. At Archbond, we pride ourselves in customer care and can cater to your specific needs. From our unique foam swimming pool covers…

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Advantages of Flame Lamination

flame lamination process 4

Flame lamination is described as changing the surface of a material to a molten state and rapidly cooling to perform a cohesive bond. It is one of the most effective methods of bonding foams and other materials like papers, films, and fabrics. Flame lamination involves exposing a piece of material to an open flame to…

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Archbond has heat loss from swimming pools covered

infrared lamination roll

Lamination services specialist Archbond is attending the leading Piscine Global exhibition in Lyon, France from 13-16th November. Demonstrating its premium range of thermal covers that significantly reduce the cost of maintaining swimming pools. Based in Leicestershire, Archbond has been providing lamination services for over 30 years and has used this experience to create the range of…

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Preparing for our latest show

piscine global

At this time of year our thoughts at Archbond turn towards the preparations for our biggest trade show – the Piscine Global exhibition in Lyon, France, held from 13-16th November. Now, unless you live and breathe swimming pools, it’s unlikely that you will have heard of this event, but for us it’s the ideal opportunity to…

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Getting stuck in – it’s the Archbond way

archbond logo blue background

It’s a busy time of year for us at Archbond. As our last blog highlighted, we have been working exceptionally hard to ensure everything is ready for our biggest trade show of the year, Piscine Global in Lyon. But alongside this, we are also busy meeting the production requirements for all our customers’ orders. And…

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The importance of time, knowledge and giving it a go!

archbond 3

Those of you who currently follow our Blog will know that we have just returned from our biggest trade show of the year, Piscine Global in Lyon. An exhibition of seven halls the size of four football pitches each and unbelievably packed to the gills. But more on that in a later edition… As we…

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Taking a layered approach

foam lamination process

2019 has started off as an exceptionally busy time for us all at Archbond. We continue to provide our range of premium pool covers as well as help customers with their latest product lamination needs. You could almost say that we have layers upon layers of projects. Just like many of our lamination products when…

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Barcelona & Swimming Pools – What’s not to like!

barcelona innovation

Once again, we are preparing for our biggest trade show – the Piscina and Wellness Exhibition – this year held in Barcelona between the 15th-18th October. As the international focus for the swimming pool and related equipment industry, it is a must for us as it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight all the advantages our Archbond…

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