Adhesive Lamination: How It Works 

Foam Lamination Machine

In a world where technological advancements are continuously stretching the bounds of what is conceivable, lamination is a vital and adaptable technology that is crucial to many different industries. Whether it’s packaging that keeps your snacks fresh, the stylish and comfortable interior of your car, or the life-saving medical equipment used in hospitals, lamination is…

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Why is Lamination Beneficial to the Sports Industry? 

laminated floor mats

There are several ways that the lamination process is carried out, but the main commonality between each process is that it creates a durable material that can benefit a wide range of industries. One of these is the sports industry, which is filled with equipment, promotional material, and the constant drive to improve. Many pieces…

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The Different Types of Applications We Offer

hot melt adhesive lamination process 2

Lamination has a multitude of applications and uses, especially in the packaging industry. It’s most seen in the food industry and the manufacturing of technical laminates for the solar energy and insulation panel sectors. At Archbond, we specialise in the process of laminating products for various industries. How The Process Works The process of lamination…

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