With over 30 years of experience, we’ve been a trusted and reliable service provider for contract laminating in the automotive, sports and industrial sectors across the UK. We also manufacture thermal swimming pool covers to reduce heat loss and conserve energy. Our expertise in industrial lamination results in durable, aesthetically pleasing and high-quality finished products.

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UK's Leading Contract Laminators

We’ve been providing contract lamination in the UK for a variety of sectors that have benefited from our services.

Durable protection: Pool coverings, high-density foam or laminated materials our products are all durable.

High standards: Utilising a range of lamination techniques our products are all of the highest quality.

Fast production times: We can ensure quick and efficient delivery of your product.

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Benefits of Contract Lamination for Businesses

Archbond offers various contract lamination services including flame, infrared, hot melt and PUR adhesive lamination. Utilising our services can save you time and money. Other benefits include:

  • Lower maintenance cost: Due to the quality of our production, our lamination products won’t need much maintenance.
  • Expert solutions: The techniques we implement allow us to process lamination to meet the unique needs of different industries.
  • Fast delivery: Our lamination process provides material at such a rate, we’re able to ….? ensure fast and efficient delivery for all orders.

Technology We Use for Contract Lamination

We utilise technology such as hot melt adhesive lamination that involves heating an adhesive to secure plastic around a product. This lamination technique creates sturdy products in a shorter amount of time, which helps with delivering them to you quickly. Our PUR adhesive lamination process uses a reactive hot melt adhesive that is heated before application and is then applied in a molten state, creating an immediate bond between materials as it cools.

Applications of Contract Lamination

Construction- Our laminated products provide the construction sector with products used in a variety of projects such as insulation and packaging.

Household- Many households opt for laminated glass in windows to enhance security and provide thermal insulation.

Automotive- Insulation in the automotive industry serves an essential function in maintaining temperature and noise reduction. This insulation helps in maintaining a reasonable temperature and assists in keeping the engine noises under the bonnet.

Aerospace- Provides comfort and noise reduction in aircraft interiors.

Footwear- We manufacture polyethene foam widely used in athletic footwear to provide cushioning and support. As well as padding and protective gear for added protection.

Pool Covers- Our swimming pool covers help with conserving thermal energy and water preservation by preventing evaporation. They also help to prevent debris from entering the water and pool filters.

Trusted by Businesses

Our experienced contract laminators have been providing lamination products for a wide range of sectors for over 30 years. Take it from all our satisfied clients who are more than happy with the service we’ve provided for them.

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