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In the same way the foundations of your house are one of the most important aspects of the whole building, the choice of foam carpet underlay underneath your carpet is arguably just as important as your carpet selection.  

A quality foam underlay for your carpets can enhance comfort, sound insulation and heat insulation, making your home or workplace a more comfortable place to be.  

Benefits of a Foam Carpet Underlay

PU foam carpet underlay is now the most common choice in underlays, made from polyurethane foam. The right choice of underlay can offer a number of key benefits.


Some foam carpet underlays are designed to offer unrivalled softness and rebound underfoot, making your floors extremely comfortable to walk on. Some are even made using memory foam.  


A layer of foam underneath your carpet can help hold heat in your room for longer, keeping your home or workplace warmer for longer and reducing your energy consumption.

Noise Reduction

PU foam underlay for carpet acts as a sound barrier too, making the selection process particularly important for upstairs rooms and apartments, as some underlays are better sound insulators than others.

Prolong Carpet Life

By adding a force-absorbing layer underneath your carpet, you reduce the amount of stress placed on your carpet itself and prolong its lifespan.

Why Choose Our Foam Carpet Underlay

At Archbond, we offer outstanding products backed by ISO quality accreditations and more than 30 years of experience. We can also offer tailored products to suit a range of needs and jobs, with our on-site laminating and cutting.

PU foam is one of the best available materials for carpet underlay, giving greater customisation and durability than many of the alternatives, capable of lasting up to 20 years.

Features of Our Foam Underlay

Our high-quality foam carpet underlay has a few key features that make it a premium choice for your home or workplace.


Our PU foam underlay for carpet is high-density and works to protect your carpet from undue stress as well as offer sublime comfort underfoot.

Thickness Options

Different environments call for different levels of thickness, and at Archbond, we offer a range of thicknesses to suit your application.

Moisture Resistance

PU foam carpet underlay is made from plastic and is therefore waterproof to a good degree and will not rot as a result of water exposure.

Easy Installation

Foam carpet underlay from Archbond offers an easy installation process, designed to streamline your carpet laying.

Application and Compatibility

Thanks to a very high degree of flexibility and customisability, PU foam carpet underlay has a huge range of applications.

In the home, foam carpet underlay will give you a luxuriously cushioned feel that’ll possibly outlast your carpets, as well as superb thermal and sound insulation.

For businesses, the long-lasting and highly cushioned nature makes PU foam carpet underlay an ideal and durable choice, especially for those operating gyms, dance studios or any physical activity spaces.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning foam carpet underlay in particular is very easy. Simply remove your carpet and clean it. Then, vacuum the underlay to remove any loose dirt, and wipe the underlay using a damp cloth soaked in water and oxygen bleach to remove any stains. Once this is done, set up a strong fan and a dehumidifier in the room, and let the underlay dry – make sure your underlay is very thoroughly dry as any trapped moisture could cause mould issues, which can ruin your carpet and cause a health hazard. Finally, relay your carpet.

If at any stage during the process, you spot signs of mould, mildew or water damage on your carpet or underlay, then they need to be replaced for health reasons and the source of the moisture needs to be identified and removed.

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FAQs About Foam Carpet Underlays

This depends on where the underlay is being fitted, for example, it’s easier to fit a thinner underlay on stairs. But in general terms, thicker is better, as it will provide more comfort, more insulation, and more protection for your carpet. You may also want to lean towards thicker if you have a thinner carpet.

PU foam carpet underlay from Archbond can last up to 20 years, but some other options can last as little as five.

Yes, absolutely, and with foam carpet underlay from Archbond, it’s even easier thanks to PU foam being an easy material to work with, twinned with our huge customisation options.

General wisdom would say so, yes. Thicker carpet underlay will make your floors more comfortable, as well as provide greater sound and heat insulation. It does depend on where you’re fitting your underlay though, and in some areas such as staircases thick underlay may be difficult to fit thanks to a naturally reduced flexibility.

Foam carpet underlay can last up to 20 years! However, this depends on the type of thickness available and the level of exposure to moisture and heat. Also, depends on various factors, including the type of carpet, the level of foot traffic and personal preferences. Typically, carpet underlay thickness ranges from 8mm to 11mm (0.3 to 0.4 inches). However, thicker options are also available.

Comfort – Thicker carpet underlay generally provides a more cushioned feel underfoot, adding a luxurious and soft sensation to your carpet. If comfort is your priority, you might prefer a thicker carpet underlay.

Noise reduction – Underlays with greater thickness tend to have better sound insulation properties, reducing impact noise and minimising sound between floors. Thicker underlays are primarily targeted at people who prefer noise reduction.

Durability - In high-traffic areas, thicker underlay can offer better support and help extend the life of your carpet. It helps prevent excessive wear and tear and maintains the carpet's appearance for longer.

Height restrictions - Consider any height restrictions you may have, such as door clearances, transitions between rooms, or adjacent flooring types. Thicker underlay can raise the overall floor height, potentially causing issues with door clearance or transitions.

Manufacturer recommendations - Check the carpet manufacturer's recommendations for the appropriate underlay thickness. Some manufacturers may specify a particular range to ensure optimal performance and warranty coverage.

Foam carpet underlay can last up to 20 years! However, this depends on the type of thickness available and the level of exposure to moisture and heat.


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