High density foam carpets laminated to your specification

Polyurethane (PU) foam is the most popular underlay carpet in the UK. It offers superb protection for your floorings whilst providing a comfortable feel for your feet. With the foam being lightweight and easy to handle, it’s no wonder why industries are using it for their underlay.

Archbond are experts in high-density foam impact carpets. We manufacture everything in-house, and our R&D team works with you to tailor the underlay to your specification. The thickness of the foam can be varied from 10mm up to 50mm, and the final product can be supplied in rolls or cut into square tiles.

laminated floor mats

Foam or rubber underlay – which is better?

PU foam the better underlay if you:

Need a strong all-rounder

Installing in a high foot traffic area

Laying a peculiar-shaped room

Demand a wide choice of options

Rubber underlay can be better when placed in rooms with heavy furniture, but a strong lamination of PU or PE foam can meet the same standard.


Our closed-cell PE foam is made to take the impact of body weight time and time again. So, if you run a gym or martial arts studio that requires continuous drills, our foam is perfect for your underlay. PE foam is super durable, and it’s cushioning makes it a fantastic material for protecting joints!

Artificial Lawn Bowls Greens and Cricket Wickets

Managing a lawn for bowls is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. We use a special vented foam and install it on a needle punch or woven fabric carpet.

Our high-density foam is perfect for artificial cricket-wickets. Laminated to a special carpet, our foam gives the same consistent bounce and performance as a grass wicket. No matter the length needed, we’ll supply it.

Care Homes

We want to help create a welcoming and safe space for your residents. Working with your residents, we’ll manufacture a foam impact carpet catered for their physical difficulties. The underlay provides good balance whilst reducing injury if they ever fell.

UK's premier manufacturer of high density laminated foam carpets

Total end to end solution through our complete in-house manufacturing service

PU foam is the most recommended underlay for carpet because of its luxurious cushioning and comfortable underfoot. It’s also ideal for insulating heat and reducing sound levels.

Foam carpet underlay can last up to 25 years when installed correctly.


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