Getting stuck in – it’s the Archbond way

It’s a busy time of year for us at Archbond. As our last blog highlighted, we have been working exceptionally hard to ensure everything is ready for our biggest trade show of the year, Piscine Global in Lyon. But alongside this, we are also busy meeting the production requirements for all our customers’ orders.

And the variety of products and services we supply is growing every month, it would seem. Which got us thinking… whilst we may be best known for our range of high-end PE swimming pool covers, how many of our customers are aware of the range of services we can – and do – deliver? Not many, we bet.

Well, our new brand, website and, of course, blog, are here to help change that. Enabling us to spread the word about Archbond and the lamination services we provide.

Automotive Industry

Take our hot-melt lamination manufacturing. This capability enables us to deliver a number of leading products, including an innovative solution for high-end vehicle manufacturers. By pre-mounting our customers’ materials with adhesive and then sealing them with a protective top sheet which can be removed at the time of application, we help ensure a quick and easy process. This results in significantly improved efficiencies during each vehicle’s manufacture.

All this from a product passing through our hot melt lamination service – who would have thought? But as our current order book testifies, we have many similar applications that meet the demands of luxury vehicle manufacturers (and hopefully one day we can let you know exactly who!).

Equestrian Industry

On another tack, you may not know that our foam is being used as a substitute for traditional leather goods in horse riding. Such as girth straps and horse saddles. Using polyethylene foam in these products has significant advantages, including increased comfort, freedom of movement and lower cost. Thus making it increasingly popular and a core part of our lamination service.

Commercial Industry

Which leads us neatly to another of our most popular product requests – moulded inner soles for the footwear industry. Our expertise on foams and materials, and making them bond enables us to provide a complete range of inner sole product solutions. As well as supply a variety of similar substrates that are used in the production of apparel, luggage and furniture.

What is it that brings this varied range of products, markets and applications together? Well, in short, it’s our approach – we just get stuck in! Our desire to help on projects, combined with our range of lamination techniques, knowledge and internal R&D capabilities, allows us to create prototypes and sample products for our customers to trial before making them a reality. It’s why you will find Archbond technology in many more products than you would ever think.

So, our challenge this year is to see this list of services and products grow, as we know we can help provide the answer to many manufacturing challenges. Therefore, if you have a material or problem that you would like us to consider, or if you’d just like to know more about our current range, give us a call and we’ll help as promised – by getting stuck in!