Preparing for our latest show

At this time of year our thoughts at Archbond turn towards the preparations for our biggest trade show – the Piscine Global exhibition in Lyon, France, held from 13-16th November. Now, unless you live and breathe swimming pools, it’s unlikely that you will have heard of this event, but for us it’s the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our premium range of Archbond thermal pool covers and the advantages they offer to pool owners worldwide.

All our multi-layered PE foam pool covers represent the top-end of the heat retention cover category thanks to their exceptional insulation, resistance and durability – making them ideal for swimming pools of any size and anywhere around the world. Piscine Global is therefore the perfect show for us to not only demonstrate our range, but also to let our growing band of customers know more about the important role swimming covers have in general for pool owners.

What is the show about?

For example, in a world that every day is becoming more focused on sustainability, the energy saving message that we can tell our customers is one that is increasingly being listened to, especially when our covers can reduce the costs involved in heating a pool by up to 85%! This combined with similar reductions in the consumption of chemical products, top-up water and filter maintenance can therefore lead to significant financial and energy savings for pool owners – all by simply enhancing their pool with an Archbond cover.

So, we will be packing our bags and getting ready to dive-in to the show with our complete range of pool cover colours, foams and top sheets – all to be proudly displayed under our new Archbond company identity at Europe’s leading swimming pool exhibition.

Armed with all this and ‘Google Translate’ we are no-doubt bound to be on a winner, and of course we’ll let you know how well it goes via our Twitter feed direct from the show. Or of course you can come and visit us at stand 5B37 and we will happily tell you more – perhaps we will see you there?

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