Laminated polyethylene foam takes anything you throw at it. Polyethylene, or closed cell, is a strong and resilient material with excellent shock absorption abilities.

Laminating the PE foam together creates endless options for thickness, colour, and density.


Flame lamination involves exposing a piece of material to an open flame, which creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the surface.

Another substrate is then brought into contact with this layer. Finally, as it cools, the two materials are compressed, enabling the surfaces to bond together.


Similar to the flame lamination process. Infrared lamination also creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the surface of the material.

This is done by exposing it to infrared radiation, and then compressing it with another piece of material. The last part of this process involves passing the material through an embossed roller to give it our signature Archbond pattern.


The hot melt process, unlike flame, doesn’t rely on the material itself to act as an adhesive. Instead, a separate adhesive substance is heated up before being evenly distributed by rollers across the material.

Finally, the process is completed in a similar method to flame lamination by feeding the materials through a compression roller to bond together.


PUR adhesive, also called Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Hot Melt Glues, is 100% solid content, isocyanate (NCO) capped adhesive.

PUR will contact with the moisture in the air, and allow it to form stronger bonds after the curing process is completed. PUR has the highly flexible and strong adhesion, and suitable for wide range of climates.


Foam lamination is a necessary step in the production of foam composites because it allows two types of materials to be merged into one element.

It is a very effective procedure for bonding foam not only to foam, but also to other materials such as glue, cloth, film, foil, and other things.


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