PUR Adhesive Lamination

Fast-paced modern production lines and high-stress applications require adhesives that can keep up. PUR, or Polyurethane Reactive, adhesive is the answer. It’s a widely used and highly reliable method of adhesion that’s probably in the car you drive, the shoes you wear and the furniture you sit on.

The PUR is heated to a molten state before application, at which point it begins to react with water molecules in the air that transform the adhesives into a thermosetting polymer. The longer it’s left, the stronger the bond becomes.

PUR Adhesive Lamination Specialists

PUR adhesive, also called Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Hot Melt Glues, is 100% solid content, isocyanate (NCO) capped adhesive.

PUR will contact with the moisture in the air, and allow it to form stronger bonds after the curing process is completed. PUR has the highly flexible and strong adhesion, and suitable for wide range of climates.

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Why you Need Adhesive Lamination

PUR adhesive lamination can bind almost any materials together, creating a strong, thermosetting bond that will stand up to heavy wear and tear and even the most unfavourable environmental conditions.

PUR adhesive can withstand exposure to heat, moisture and chemicals, and cures quicker than most traditional hot melts. Bonds will remain strong even under stress and won’t curl or shrink once set.

PUR can be sanded and even painted and can bond any material from foam to concrete.

Why Choose Us?

Archbond is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of laminated materials, providing industries across the country with high-quality products since 1985. We’re ISO-accredited and conduct all of our lamination processes in-house to stringent standards, before shipping products to our clients with impressive speed.

For all your PUR adhesive lamination needs, contact Archbond today.

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Can be Sanded or Painted

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Benefits of Our Adhesive Lamination

At Archbond, we’ve been producing quality laminated products for almost 40 years. We’ve developed a keen understanding of how to manufacture superior laminations that provide a range of invaluable benefits for our customers.

  • Enhanced durability
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Resistant to water, oil, moisture, heat and chemicals
  • Customisable to meet client specifications

Applications of Adhesive Lamination

PUR adhesive lamination, and laminations in general, can be constructed of a vast array of materials and are found in all kinds of sectors including industrial applications, packaging, automotive, electronics, medical, fashion and sports.

Whether you need padding for seats in a car interior or wear-resistant floor underlay, Archbond can provide the premium laminations you need.

To find out more or to discuss your lamination requirements, get in touch with the team at Archbond today. You can reach us using our contact form, by calling us on 0116 284 1222 or by emailing sales@archbond.com.

Our Lamination Services

We offer a range of lamination services, using different techniques to laminate a variety of materials including papers, films, foils, fabrics and foams.

Flame Lamination
A piece of foam material is exposed to an open flame, causing the surface to melt. The foam is then compressed along with other materials to create a durable, adhesive-free bond between the two.

Infrared Lamination
The infrared lamination process involves subjecting foam to infrared radiation, again causing the surface to melt, before it’s compressed with other materials to form a lamination without the need for adhesives.

Holt Melt Lamination
Unlike flame or infrared lamination, hot melt lamination uses a separate adhesive that is heated before being distributed across the surface of the materials with rollers. The materials are then compressed to ensure a strong bond.

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