Laminations for the Sports Sector

At Archbond, we specialise in foam laminations, and provide a huge variety of products to the sports industry. In fact, it’s where we started! In 1985, Archbond began operating in a small industrial unit supplying high-quality, heat-retaining pool covers.

Now, we’re an industry leader offering a plethora of bespoke laminated products and components including exercise mats, floor underlay for gyms, sport and leisure apparel and much more, as well as our now famous pool covers.

Overview of Services 

While our products can be adapted to suit almost any application, we have a range of core sectors that we serve:

  1. Heat-retaining swimming pool covers – This is one of our longest running product lines. Our laminated foam pool covers not only protect the pool from debris, but they help to retain heat, reducing your energy consumption in the case of heated pools.
  2. Equestrian – Our foam equestrian products are designed as replacements for traditional leather equipment such as girth straps and saddles. Polyethylene foam offers increased comfort and freedom of movement at a lower price point. We can design custom products and provide prototypes – just contact our team to discuss your needs.
  3. Sportswear equipment – Many sports involve the use of protective materials, including martial arts, cricket and mountaineering. We can provide a range of laminated foam protective equipment shaped to specific requirements and using any chosen grade of foam.

If you have any sports-related equipment in-mind, but aren’t sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and we can discuss practicalities and prototyping.

By Manufacturing for a Variety of End Uses

Our unique processes allow us to meet client specifications

Using a range of techniques including flame, infrared and hot melt, our products are
produced to the highest standards, which we have perfected over our 30 years in the industry.


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