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Foam Swimming Pool Cover Material

Our thermal polyethylene foam is predominantly used to manufacture high quality coverings for swimming pools.

Being a trade only supplier means that we have developed strong relationships with our clients, which has led to us become one of the leading suppliers of pool cover material to fabricators in the UK and across Europe.

All our foam material products are supplied in widths of 1.85 metres and we can tailor the roll lengths based on your requirements, ranging from 105 to 300 metres.

We stock the following foams and top sheets, which can be supplied in any combination and are all manufactured to your specification.


Blue foam 6mm

Blue foam 8mm

Anthracite 5mm

Anthracite 6mm

Top Sheets:

Premium blue 230gsm

Premium white 230gsm

Premium grey 230gsm

Light blue super flex

foam pool cover material

UK's premier manufacturer of high quality foam coverings for swimming pools

Total end to end solution through our complete in-house manufacturing service

Why Heat Retaining Pool Covers for Indoor Pools?

Closed-cell foam is used to make heat retention covers. They are typically 6mm thick for swimming pools and 8mm thick for use in a spa.

As they're good at reducing condensation, chemical use, and retaining heat, they're commonly used for indoor pool covers all year round. In summer, they're excellent covers on outdoor swimming pools.

The foam cover's added heat retention capabilities make it more cost-effective than bubble coverings, offering significant savings in terms of energy and chemical use.

Why Should You Purchase a Foam Swimming Pool Cover for Your Pool?

Our heavy-duty closed-cell polyethene foam heat-retaining pool cover material (500gm3 and 640gm3 respectively) is ideal for use on household indoor and outdoor pools, spas, and hot tubs, as well as school and commercial pools and spas.

The main advantages include:


The durable woven top and bottom sheets lend extra strength to frequently used pools, resulting in a longer lifespan! Our pool cover material is made to last.

Decreases Operational Expenses

Foam is widely regarded as the best heat retention cover on the market today. Although it was built for commercial or school swimming pools, it can also be used in a private home pool to provide the same result.

Due to the reduction in heat loss from the pool's surface, the closed-cell polyethene foam material has been specifically engineered to reduce wasted energy and expenses, allowing those with indoor pools to save significantly in operating costs.

You may reduce humidity, condensation, and evaporation, as well as improve the atmosphere, by installing this cover on your pool. When used effectively, our coverings can reduce heat loss by up to 90%!

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