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For High-Quality Foam Pool Covers, Archbond are here to help.

We offer foam material products in a standard width of 1.85 metres. Additionally, we can customise the length of the rolls to your specific needs and requirements. We provide options ranging from 105 to 300 metres.

We stock the following foams and top sheets, which can be supplied in any combination and are all manufactured to your specification


Blue foam 6mm

Blue foam 8mm

Anthracite 5mm

Anthracite 6mm

Top Sheets:

Premium blue 230gsm

Premium white 230gsm

Premium grey 230gsm

Light blue super flex

Swimming Pool Cover Specialists

Our Foam Pool Cover are efficiently designed for any pool environment. Being a trade-only supplier means that we have developed strong relationships with our clients, which has led us to become one of the leading suppliers of pool cover material to fabricators in the UK and across Europe.

Our thermal polyethylene foam is predominantly used to manufacture high-quality coverings for swimming pools. 

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Why Heat Retaining Pool Covers for Indoor Pools?

Swimming pool heat retention covers, also known as bubble covers, are designed to reduce heat loss and conserve energy in swimming pools. These covers are typically made of a special plastic material with air bubbles or a layer of insulation that floats on the pool's surface.

For uses in swimming pools, the blue foams are from 6mm to 8mm, and Anthracite is usually 5mm and 6mm. Commonly installed on indoor pools, where the heat-retaining ability is important.

At Archbond, we can supply both levels of thickness, as well as individual requirements, meaning we have one of the most diverse ranges of measurements over competitors. As they’re great for reducing condensation, chemical use, and retaining heat, our foam pool covers can be used for indoor pools all year round. They’re also excellent covers for outdoor swimming pools too. 

The foam covers provide added heat retention capabilities, which make them more cost-effective than bubble coverings. This is because bubble-type cover is often used on outdoor pools because they may only be heated for 4 months every year when the weather is warmer.

Whereas an indoor pool runs all year, even though a foam cover is more expensive than the bubble covers. Their heat retention covers make them much more cost-effective.

swimming pool heat retention covers

The Main Advantages of Heat Retaining Pool Covers


Our pool covers are designed with durable woven top and bottom sheets, which provide additional strength and durability, especially for pools that are frequently used. These reinforced sheets are drastically extending the lifespan of the cover, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition for an extended period. Our foam pool covers are made to last.  

Decreases operational expenses 

Foam is widely regarded as the best heat retention pool cover on the market today. Although it was originally built for commercial and school swimming pools, it can also be used in a private home pool to provide the same result. We strive to supply foam pool covers for all types of wants and needs. 

Due to the reduction in heat loss from the pool’s surface, the closed-cell polyethene foam material has been specifically engineered to reduce wasted energy and expenses, allowing those with indoor pools to save significantly in operational costs. This means commercial businesses, including spas, hotels, and public pools, will hugely benefit from reduced costs as well as possessing an eco-friendlier solution to sustaining heat. 

You may also reduce humidity, condensation and evaporation, as well as improve the aesthetics, as our pool covers also mitigate debris entering the pool water. When used effectively, our coverings can reduce heat loss by up to 90%.   

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Why Should You Purchase a Foam Swimming Pool Cover for Your Pool?

Our heavy-duty, closed-cell polyethylene foam heat-retaining pool cover material is ideal for usage on indoor and outdoor pools, spas and hot tubs, as well as school and commercial pools and spas. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for the swimming industry and only fabricate the very best products at our in-house fabrication site.  

Foam swimming pool covers have an array of benefits and functions. Our foam pool covers work exceptionally well for insulation and reducing energy and running costs. All our thermal covers are made with an irradiation cross-linked PE foam that ensures maximum durability and low water absorption. We then strengthen the foam with a thick PE top sheet that has a scratch-resistant, transparent film on the reverse side. 

Our covers are designed to combat heat loss and we pride ourselves on this. Our pool covers can reduce heating costs by up to 85%, as well as reduce overall maintenance costs. 

Why choose Archbond? 

We have been supplying laminated material for the swimming pool market for over 30 years and have improved our process and moved with the times, bringing in the latest and best machines and technology.

This has enabled us to create the very best and most highly regarded lamination services and products on the market. We are also proficient in designing and laminating many other products, such as floor underlay, automotive textiles, sporting equipment, and industrial applications, for many different industries.  

With fast ISO-accredited order turnaround, there is no better lamination specialist to trust than Archbond.  

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If you use a swimming pool cover during the daytime, simply take off the cover before swimming and put the cover back on when you’re done swimming or using the pool.

If you only use your swimming pool at night, the effectiveness of a pool cover will depend on whether the evaporation and other losses are prevented by the cover exceed the solar gain reduction caused by the cover. The type of cover and the climate affects this balance.

In dry or windy weather, the pool's evaporation rate tends to increase. Therefore, it is generally more beneficial to have a bubble or transparent cover during the daylight hours, as the evaporation tends to decrease. In such instances, it might be more advantageous to keep the cover off during the daytime.

A pool cover should last around 8 years if well-maintained - although one cover we know was still on the water after 22 years!


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