The importance of time, knowledge and giving it a go!

Those of you who currently follow our Blog will know that we have just returned from our biggest trade show of the year, Piscine Global in Lyon. An exhibition of seven halls the size of four football pitches each and unbelievably packed to the gills. But more on that in a later edition…

As we are now back in the thick of things at Archbond HQ, once again helping our customers with their lamination needs. We thought we would share one of the tasks we currently have in hand.

In fact, it’s what we enjoy most – getting stuck in to a new challenge. Using our expertise in materials and adhesives, as well as our manufacturing capability, to provide customers with the answers to their manufacturing challenges. We believe that this, combined with our willingness to commit time and resources to solving problems, is what makes us a bit unique in our industry. As well as being UK’s leading lamination business.

So how do we do things differently?

Well, everything starts with a conversation (ideally over a cup of coffee and a biscuit, but sometimes over the phone). Following each chat we devise a brief to take to our technical team. Here is where things get interesting!

For example, one of our latest opportunities is helping a prestige customer in the automotive industry to protect its valuable car parts throughout the supply chain by ensuring they are securely packed in compartments bonded with our protective PE foam. The challenge? To bond a PE foam to a plastic corrugate, delivering the right adhesion and making sure the lamination process does not impact on the final material properties. Easy, hey?

Well, it may sound simple, but it requires the knowledge, capability and time to prototype a solution that ensures the product is fit for purpose. And that – here’s the essential bit – can then be replicated and scaled-up for economical manufacturing. Because whilst the development of bench samples is key, it is just the start. Once the prototype has been tested and approved, the real skill comes in delivering the product in volume. Which is where Archbond excels. Not only do we invest our time and skills in developing working solutions for our customers, but by being clear on the brief at the very start, we make sure we utilise our unique production capabilities. And to deliver a final product all within budget.

That’s why the chat, in the beginning, is crucial.

It defines not just the required product but also the budget, and ensures the solution is one that works for all parties, both functionally and economically.

It’s also why you will find Archbond technology in many more products than you would ever think. As we help provide the answers to manufacturing problems across commercial, leisure, automotive and healthcare sectors, to name just a few. By investing our time, knowledge and above all willingness to give things a go, who knows what we can deliver in 2019? But rest assured that we will keep you well informed – just keep on reading!