What is Polyethylene Foam Used For?

Polyethylene (PE) foam is a versatile material known for its superb cushioning, shock absorption and insulation properties. This closed-cell foam can come in various forms, such as sheets, rolls and moulded shapes. These unique characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries.  

Read on to find out what polyethylene foam is used for. Some may surprise you! 

Packaging and Shipping 

Polyethylene foam is widely used in packaging and shipping. Its lightweight and durable features make it ideal for protecting fragile items during transit. The PE foam’s ability to absorb shock and resist all manner of bumps, knocks and impacts ensures items arrive at their destination without damage.  

The material is often used to package delicate items, such as glassware, as well as electronics. The foam can also be cut very easily and shaped to fit specific products, providing businesses with custom packaging solutions.  

Construction and Insulation 

Polyethylene foam is renowned for its insulation properties. This makes it valuable in construction as it is used as a thermal insulator in walls, roofs and floors, helping to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. The foam acts as a barrier to heat transfer, enabling a consistent indoor temperature and reducing energy consumption.  

One of the amazing features of PE foam is its moisture resistance, meaning it is also an excellent choice for damp-proofing applications, preventing water infiltration and protecting structural integrity. On top of this, polyethylene is utilised as soundproofing thanks to its dense, closed-cell structure. This is beneficial for multi-family homes, office buildings and other spaces where noise control is essential. 

The Automotive Industry 

Believe it or not, your car is full of polyethylene foam. The automotive industry relies heavily on this material for vehicle interiors, as it provides cushioning and enhanced comfort for seating, armrests and headrests. The foam’s shock-absorbing properties contribute to improved safety by providing additional protection in the event of a collision.  

Indeed, PE foam is also applied to reduce noise and vibration, enhancing the overall driving experience. So, when you’re out on a drive and notice how serene and comfortable your vehicle is, say thanks to polyethylene foam. 

Sports and Recreation 

Helmets, knee and elbow pads and other protective gear are just some of the sports and recreation equipment made with PE foam, thanks to the amazing cushioning provided. Many of those who ride horses are finding polyethylene foam the best choice for equestrian equipment. Additionally, the foam is used in the manufacture of flotation devices, including life jackets and pool noodles due to its buoyant properties. Swimming pool covers are also made from PE foam and provide ample heat retention to keep the water at suitable temperatures and mitigate wasted energy.  

Medical Applications 

PE foam also works wonders for medical applications, such as orthotic and prosthetic devices, offering comfort and protection for patients. The foam is also used in medical packaging to protect sensitive equipment and instruments during transport and storage.  

Moreover, medical pads and cushions are produced with polyethylene foam to support those who are bedridden or have limited mobility. Thanks to the foam’s non-toxic nature, the medical industry benefits massively.  

Industrial Uses 

Polyethylene foam is widely used in industrial applications thanks to its durability and versatility. It is often used as cushioning material in toolboxes and equipment cases, protecting tools and machinery from damage. The foam is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, making it suitable for use in environments with exposure to oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals.  

The foam is also utilised in the production of seals and gaskets for industrial equipment, providing a reliable barrier against dust, moisture and other contaminants, as well as helping to maintain temperature control and energy efficiency. 

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