Why is Lamination Beneficial to the Sports Industry? 

There are several ways that the lamination process is carried out, but the main commonality between each process is that it creates a durable material that can benefit a wide range of industries. One of these is the sports industry, which is filled with equipment, promotional material, and the constant drive to improve. Many pieces of sports equipment require durability, protection, and a visual appeal that helps manufacturers and suppliers to profit from sales. Lamination can produce all of these benefits for the sports industry, and in this blog, we will explore the exact advantages lamination has for sporting goods, equipment, and the industry as a whole.

Improved durability and longevity

Having improved strength and durability with sports equipment is a must, as many different types of sports endure rigorous use through high contact. Sports including football, rugby, hockey, cycling, as well as snowboarding require strong and long-lasting protection and equipment. Equipment such as sports pads, gloves, clothing such as jerseys, and helmets can all be laminated to improve their durability.

The laminated surface protects against wear, ripping, and peeling, allowing athletes to perform at their peak without worrying about their equipment malfunctioning or being damaged. This increased durability results in higher performance, less replacement expense and improved player safety.

In addition to boasting durability and longevity, reinforced laminates for sports equipment are also extremely light in weight. This can improve athletic performance as well as allow for a varied and wide range of products to be made for the sports industry. Lamination helps to manufacture bicycles, tennis rackets, helmets, gym equipment, running shoes, and much more.

Protection and safety

The recovery process and safety measures put in place to prevent sports injuries have come a long way in recent years. More studies outlining the real dangers that sports injuries can have on the brain have installed a need for stricter safety measures to be put in place.

For example, American footballers are at a high risk of developing a concussion, as well as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), therefore measures were taken to help prevent the frequency of brain injury in players. Some of the measures were to record the impacts the players took, while another method was to develop better protective helmets out of layers of new material, which was achieved with the process of lamination.

Laminate flooring also provides cushioned flooring for sports including martial arts and wrestling, with polyurethane (PU) foam being the most popular underlay for carpets in the UK. Gymnasiums prefer this type of protective flooring to rubber, as the foam helps to protect the user’s joints and body.

Customisation and branding options

In the sports industry, visual appeal and aesthetics play a crucial part in grabbing the interest of viewers and making a lasting impact. Lamination can convert standard sports posters, banners, and signs into eye-catching works of art. The technique enriches colours, sharpens pictures, and clarifies details, resulting in visually spectacular displays.

Whether they are used to promote a sporting event or decorate a stadium, laminated materials have a lasting impression on spectators, sponsors, and participants.

Lamination doesn’t just benefit the look of promotional material but also enhances the design of sports equipment. Laminate composites can be cut into any desired shape, meaning this process is beneficial for all sorts of oddly shaped sports equipment.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Thanks to the durability of the sports equipment, maintenance is extremely low which helps to reduce the need for replacements that are high in cost. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is essential in the sports sector.

A lamination is a practical option since it creates a smooth, wipeable surface that is simple to clean. This is especially advantageous for equipment with laminated surfaces, such as mats or gym floors, where sweat, grime, and germs might build. Regular cleaning is more effective, resulting in a safer atmosphere for athletes and a decreased chance of illnesses or allergies.

Lamination for the sports industry with Archbond

Lamination has become a vital instrument in the sports industry, giving a variety of benefits ranging from improved durability and aesthetic appeal to increased safety for sports athletes and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Here at Archbond, we are expert laminators for the sports industry along with a wide range of sectors. Our lamination processes are top-of-the-range, and we perform all in-house to your specific needs.

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